The tops design has some definite drawbacks. To prevent damage to the top and the boats console, the top requires an additional cable attachment from each corner of the cover frame to the front of the console to run on rough water or at speeds exceeding 40 MPH. The cable, when connected, effectively blocks front to rear passage along side and under the top. Since the Sun Shadow does not detach from the console and uses a cover that is laced to the cover frame, the top cannot be towed with the laced cover frame attached to the vertical supports at highway speeds. To prevent damage to the top and the boats console, you must unbolt the cover frame, then store and secure it somewhere anytime you tow your boat at speeds exceeding 40 MPH.  The top is not designed to allow boat storage.  When the cover frame is unbolted, the four 6.5 foot high vertical supports remain attached to the console. Passage under low bridges, garage or shed storage and the use of a standard boat cover for storage is not possible without unbolting and removing the cover frame, the four vertical supports and the two braces.